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biofeed Certified Organic Compost
Natural organic compost tea plant food, an organic flower food, a great alternative to plant fertilizer.
Natural Organic plant food, Biofeed Compost Tea is a great alternative to your garden fertiliser.

Compost Tea

Compost Tea - What is it?

Compost tea is an organic plant food made from HOT composting animal manures and hay baleage. Itís a 'tea' that no serious organic gardener anywhere in the world today, can live without and a great alternative to your garden plant fertilizer!

Natural Organic Compost Tea has traditionally been used as a natural soil conditioner and natural alternative to plant fertilizer. Its positive and beneficial enzymes, microorganisms and trace elements are collected during the 'hot' composting phase. These assist the release of dormant or blocked essential nutrients and other beneficial organisms in the soil.

The microorganisms and trace elements present in natural organic compost tea aid plant systems against contracting the problem diseases and pest disturbances that are so common in our gardens today.

Many customers of organic Biofeed who have been using the natural 'tea' consistently now for five years or more, report that their overall plant health has increased and there has been a reduction in their plant loss rate

Natural organic compost tead, Biofeed is a great organic plant food.
Natural Organic plant food, such as Biofeed Compost tea is a natural soil conditioner.
Biofeed compost tea - Certified Organic

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Biofeed natural organic compost tea - a great  natural alternative fertilizer

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